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The organizations are used to work in an organized manner. The management and planning are the two basic factors that run the system in a business organization. The planning can be done by the chief executives and the senior members or stockholders, but the management requires efficient people to work. The management is not about a job, but a set of jobs performed by several people. It is an art of getting things done by and through people and an organization requires setting roles for people at work. The worker hierarchy or managerial hierarchy had to be there to make people know their rules.

The organizational personnel hierarchy makes it simpler for people to work and do their jobs. The management just becomes easy to do when people know their duties and rules and respective ranks. The ranks are allotted on the base of experience and knowledge of a particular process and managers know how to tackle and maintain things within a setup in general. The organization chart or Organogram is not only helpful for managers but for employees belonging to other ranks and other departments. The employees can simply know their work relations and reporting relations within an organization with the help of the organization chart.

What is Organogram?

The Organogram can be formally called as an organizational chart. The organizational chart portrays the employees in relation to their ranks and position in an organization. There are many jobs that require employees to make a connection with fellows or seniors. The Organogram is the item that tells them whom to contact and report when it is necessary.

How to make an Organogram?

The Organogram or the organizational chart can be created with the help of Organogram template. The template can give you an idea about how to draft a handsome chart. It is pretty easy to draft the organizational chart if you have MS Visio installed on your PC.

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Organogram Template

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