Free Quotation Templates


The businesses are about profits and profits are all about making sales and attracting customers. The producer or manufacturer of goods or services has to make an offer to the client in order to make him/her know about your offers. The clients can then go on to compare different offers and can simply lead to one business that proves promising and capable of getting one’s job done. The quotations are made to make customers know in detail about the products offers and relative prices.

The quotations or proposals are a great source of client to seller interaction and it lets a seller or producer settle a deal in a real fine fashion. The sophistication in the deal can be added by a quotation developer as it is more about the way you then what you offer when it comes to making a quote or proposal to a prospect. The quotation had to be written by a marketer or in the control of a marketer.

What is a quotation?

The quotation is a business document carrying the bid or proposal against a set of goods or services. The quotation helps a seller interact with the prospect or possible buyer. The professional communication or precisely speaking the business communication had to be there in your quotation to make it look striking and effective in relation to the offers made by your competitors.

How to write a quotation?

The quotation is a vital document in winning one the project. It therefore should always be written in a professional manner. The qualified quotations used to have a header containing your business name, tax number, quotation’s date and payment terms. The customer name also needs to be there. The body of the quotation follows the header and the footer comes next with the total amount and validity of the quote. The free quotation templates can help you know further about quotations.

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