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The communication is of two types i.e. verbal and non verbal. Verbal communication can be taken as spoken or oral communication. The message is disseminated in the form of voice or sound in verbal mode of communication while the non verbal mode of communication often requires writing on a page. The page can be electronic page or can be a piece of paper with specific space for pet number of words. The non verbal mode of communication takes a page or more. The information is presented in written form and writing paper remains a key factor in bringing things into action. There is a lot of paper that is produced in the world to meet the needs of nonverbal communication.

The speaking might just be considered as power, but the value of a piece of paper having written information is matchless. The written mode of communication adds value to words and makes them more reliable for the receiver. The speaking is used variably in getting several jobs done in general, but the worth of non verbal communication cannot just be undermined. The professional communication is made with the use of paper from many decades and it is still in business in the age of electronic communication. It is in the business for its application’s usefulness.

The written piece of paper carries bonafide information and also acts as proof that can be used to verify data. The accords, contracts and agreements are all signed on a piece of paper. The writing not only delivers information, but also adds value to it. The written piece of proposal or quotation is always considered vital over mere word of mouth from a person. This is why writing paper is important in formal and informal life. It has a wide range of applications in our daily life. The writing paper template is offered just seeing the applications of this stencil in our everyday life.

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